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Atlanta Progressive News endorsed Mary Norwood in 2009 over then-former State Sen. In that race, we believed that Norwood was the more progressive candidate, and we were one of the only news publications to endorse Norwood.

Norwood is serious about restoring distressed communities in South Atlanta; she wants to conduct a baseline inventory of our existing affordable housing stock, to guide our public policy strategy; she co-sponsored the proposed ordinance to use surplus city property for affordable housing; she co-sponsored and gave critical input on a proposed ordinance to allow height bonuses to be used for affordable housing.

Fort, because, even if he has not been the most consistently accessible candidate to Atlanta Progressive News over the years, we know that Sen.

For Post 1-at-large, APN is endorsing Atlanta City Councilman Michael Julian Bond, the incumbent.In full disclosure, and as APN has disclosed consistently in coverage related to Councilman Bond, APN’s News Editor has been a paid city supplier for Councilman Bond’s Office on two projects over the last eight years – producing one constituent newsletter and performing legislative drafting services on a recent ordinance.APN’s News Editor thus abstained from the APN Board of Directors endorsement vote, which still passed unanimously.Councilman Michael Julian Bond (Post 1-at-large) has been more than one of the most progressive members of the Atlanta City Council; he has been a trusted partner and friend of the progressive community.When no one else was willing to support the patrons of the Atlanta Eagle after the 2009 raid, Councilman Bond introduced an apology that later passed when the City of Atlanta settled with the named plaintiffs.Fort speaking on behalf of the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, Grady Hospital patients, public housing residents, and many more underserved communities.