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The Targum of Deut 12:5 has Gods shekinah dwell in the sanctuary rather than His name.

The threat in Hos 5:6 that Yahweh will withdraw from Israel becomes in the Targum a threat that He will cause His shekinah to ascend to heaven and depart from men.

In 14b this is given expression in the verb skēnoun (make a dwelling; pitch a tent) which has important OT associations.

The theme of tenting is found in Exod where Israel is told to make a tent (the Tabernacleskēnē) so that God can dwell among His people; the Tabernacle became the site of Gods localized presence on earth. At the time of the return from the Babylonian Exile Zech proclaims: Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion, for look, I come and will make my dwelling [kataskēnoun] in your midst.

Let me address the issues in this order: worship of Jesus as worship of a human; God as immaterial and without Form; uses of images in worship spaces (e.g.

churches, synagogues, Temple); and finally Jesus as Word/Expression and as "Image of God".

--the overall concept is that God dwelt among us and manifested His glory to us in the person and life of Jesus.As an intermediary between the pentateuchal and prophetic use of tenting and the use of tenting in the Prologue we may call attention to passages in the Wisdom Literature where Wisdom is said to tent or make her dwelling among men.In the hymn of Sir 24, Wisdom sings: The Creator of all chose the spot for my tent, saying, In Jacob make your dwelling [kataskēnoun], in Israel your inheritance.Miller, I have a friend who is an orthodox Jew who tells me that worshiping Jesus is Idolatry.He says that going to a Church with images of Jesus, etc is against the Ten commandments.it absolutely IS idolatry to worship a human being) and to his acceptance or openness to the Messianic claims of Jesus.