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Various analysts have called it the deal of the century because it is reportedly worth anywhere from -8 billion in the current market.

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He watched me stride past and remained as stoic as a statue.

I was furious at him for showing up out of the blue, at my mother for not warning me, at myself because I was on the verge of tears and wanted nothing more than to cry on my Da's shoulder.

My phone had been vibrating non-stop since my dramatic exit and as I was considering calling Jen to let her know everything was okay, I heard the jagged throttle of an engine coming up behind me."Kier said he was coming but I didn't know for sure..." She had grabbed on to my step-father Bruce's forearm as if too keep herself from being drawn into his gravitational pull.As if a spell had been broken, everyone seemed to notice my father, excusing themselves as they gave him a wider girth. None of the brilliantly written, eloquently delivered commencement speeches convinced me that it hadn't all been an exercise in futility. The day I graduated from college turned out to be a bittersweet finish to years spent dedicated to academics and work, with neither the time nor desire for a social life." "This my generation's Face Time," he said, gesturing to the space between us to indicate our real-life interaction.