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” Now if you’re naturally discussing a related topic like The movie, past relationships / hookups / dates, online dating, or first kisses — then take that opportunity to move into more intimate topics.

An introvert 39s guide to dating

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If he were to ask for my number, I'd tell him the truth—but maybe I'd fish around first to see how many men he thought was too many, or I'd have him tell me his number first. I just turned 30, and I've been in the same relationship for 11 years, so I missed out on that crazy period in your 20s when you're supposed to have fun and sleep around.

I don't care how many women he's slept with, but if his number was low, I'd be turned off by his inexperience. Even though I have no intention of ending my relationship with my boyfriend (after all, he's the father of my two sons), I'm secretly more interested in women than I am in men.

We met on a photo shoot and had sex in the motor home where the actors got their hair and makeup done.

I live in New York City, and the dating scene here is weird. No one really "dates" here; they "hang out." And with so many people around, sometimes women feel like they have to sleep with the guy sooner to keep his attention.

I usually wait until I have three dates under my belt before sleeping with a new guy.

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I don't have a burning desire to increase my number, but if I had sex with a few more guys, it wouldn't make a big difference since my number is so low to begin with.

It was at these parties that my number really shot up.

Everyone would dress up in fancy outfits or crazy costumes and drink cocktails.

I had most of my sexual adventures in my 30s when I could handle them.

Looking back, I had no idea what I was doing in my 20s, but now I'm making informed, adult decisions.